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Now What?
Read our basic guide to the features you can set on your land:

Nevia Island Blog
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Buy an Island
Nevia Archipelago can be your oasis away from the mainland in Second Life. Live and run your store in an environment free from the clubs, lag, and chaos of mainland. Each of the islands in the Nevia Archipelago are 1/8th or 1/4th of a sim in size (8192 or 16384 square meters).

Advantages of Island Living:

  • No Premium Membership: Because the islands are bought from private residents rather than from Linden Lab, you do NOT have to be a Premium Member of Second Life--this saves you as much as $9.95 US per month!

  • Bonus prims: Bonus-prim parcels are available--with 9% more prims than standard SL islands.

  • Great service: The Estate Managers are frequently online and are available for assistance with your terraforming projects, help managing lag, etc. (See the Lag Report for more on lag.)

  • Terraforming: With terraforming flexibility, you can create an underground room, hills, or a deep pool

  • Navigable water: Most parcels are surrounded by water and have a great view with boating available across the entire island chain

  • Perfect for quiet businesses: Mixed zoning allows for stores and shops to operate without the risk of finding themselves surrounded by casinos and dance-clubs

  • Class 5 server: These newer SL islands feature efficient script processing.

  • Moderate zoning to protect the area and maintain its beauty: Most SL islands come with covenants, and these are no exceptions. Our covenant was written with an eye toward moderation. The reason for a covenant is to preserve the look of surrounding homes and businesses so their appeal does not depreciate. (Read the Covenant.)

  • You can resell: The person you sell to must abide by the covenant and set up a subscription to pay the monthly fee. (Please let the Estate Mangers know when you're ready to sell.)

Want to buy an island?

Here are the easy steps:

1. Read the covenant.
Please read the covenant before you buy. Please IM or email Tawny Houston or Katie Welles if you have any questions or concerns. We are very happy to help.

2. Set up a PayPal account.
While we are open to discussing other options, we have a very strong preference for receiving payment this way.

3. Buy the land.
Buy through PayPal (recipient is See the Island Details page for prices.

4. Set up the subscription. After you purchase your island, then set up your subscription for the monthly tier payments by clicking on the Subscription button. (BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT SUBSCRIPTION!) See the Island Details page for the Subscription buttons.

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