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InkWelle Security Systems for Business

This InkWelle Business Security Product is designed for SL store and business owners. With greater configuration, logging, and reporting abilities, this product works on private or group-owned land.

InkWelle WatchDog PRO Monitor System The InkWelle WatchDog PRO is a feature-rich monitor system for SL businesses. It notifies you of people in the vicinity of your business (within a radius of 96 meters) and keeps a log of people that visit, even while you are away. It can be controlled by the owner or by group members with commands sent via chat, notecard, or menu. It can be configured to communicate with you via Whisper, Say, OwnerSay, or IM.

WatchDog PROs logs can be configured with timestamps in various formats. The system can be set to count every visit by each avatar, or just unique visits. You can set up a list of people that the WatchDog PRO should simply ignore.

Beyond just logs, WatchDog PRO also maintains a Traffic Report that tallies the number of visitors per hour. Up to seven days of Traffic Reports can be viewed in the status in-world, or you can have them IMed to you daily (or more frequently) to import into spreadsheets or other tools for analysis. Traffic Reports can be set to send as a table or a comma-delimited line for eay import.

WatchDog PRO can be set to send a custom greeting to visitors -- whether it's a welcome message or an announcement of a special sale. You can also set WatchDog PRO to send a folder of gifts to your visitors. These canbe landmarks, notecards, objects, textures, or snapshots. Special measures were taken in the creation of these features to prevent "spamming" your guests.

Download the InkWelle WatchDog PRO Manual (PDF)

Extra Objects
The InkWelle WatchDog PRO comes with ALL these low-prim objects so you can choose a look that goes well with your business.

InkWelle RangeFinder
Use the RangeFinder to determine the best range for your home security system. Available separately, but included FREE with all InkWelle Security products.

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