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BookBox Inventory System

Audio StreamScanner

Ceiling Fan


Spiral Stairs

Garden Lights

Plasma Light


InkWelle Objects for the Home

InkWelle BookBox Inventory Organization System
This innovative, beautifully textured system has eight "BookBoxes" to sort and store your inventory in style. Read more about the InkWelle BookBox.

InkWelle Audio StreamScanner
Conveniently access your collection of audio streams and organize them in menu-accessible playlists that you can easily scan through to choose one to listen to. Read more about the InkWelle Audio StreamScanner

InkWelle Ceiling Fan
With sculptie fan blades, lights, and a control panel to turn them on and off -- the InkWelle Ceiling Fan is a beautiful addition to your SL home. 20 prims.

InkWelle Doorbelle
Place this doorbell by your front door to give your guests a convenient way to let you know they are there. It will send you an IM to let you know who has rung the bell, and if you are not in-world it will give your visitor a message. 2 prims.

InkWelle Easy-Walk Spiral Stairs
A spiral staircase with invisible guides to make it easy to walk up. 19 prims.

InkWelle Garden Lights
InkWelle has two types of scripted lights. The Ghost Lights is a sphere which generates particle lights--you configure the color and density using a menu. The Party lights are a festive string of paper lanterns with controllable levels of brightness.

Ghost Lights
Party Lights

InkWelle Plasma Light and Fireplace
More than light sources, these animated, scripted items help create just the right mood and turn on and off at your command.

Plasma Light

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