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Flower Spawner

Garden Lights

Grass & Brick Trims


Ground Cover

InkWelle Products for the Garden

InkWelle Sundials
InkWelle Sundials are scripted so that the shadow moves with the SL sun (of course since the SL day is much shorter than RL one, you can't use these sundials to actually tell time!) Choose from the Bronze and Mosaic versions.

Bronze Sundial
Mosaic Sundial

InkWelle Weathervane
The InkWelle Weathervane has a traditional running horse and moves with the SL wind and even accurately tells you the wind's direction. Available in three colors

InkWelle Weathervane

InkWelle Flower Spawner
Place the little 3-prim garden pagoda on the lawn, turn it on, and watch it spawn dozens of flowers. These are "temporary objects" so they will not affect your prim count. The scripting was done by professional programmers with an eye on making sure this will not create lag.

InkWelle Garden Lights
InkWelle has two types of scripted lights. The Ghost Lights is a sphere which generates particle lights--you configure the color and density using a menu. The Party lights are a festive string of paper lanterns with controllable levels of brightness.

Ghost Lights
Party Lights

InkWelle Trim
Use InkWelle Trim around the edges of your house or yard as a nice little grass and brick border. Includes one copyable prim with a tiled texture.

InkWelle Pools
InkWelle Pools, with mediterranean-style white brick and stone around the rim, provide an elegant way to add the beauty of animated, gently-moving water to your garden. Not intended for swimmimng, these pools are ideal for water plants, koi, or leave it plain in your garden.

Medium Pool
This pool is 9.2 meters across and uses 30 prims.
Large Pool
This pool is 12.3 meters across and uses 50 prims.

InkWelle Ground Cover
Unless you are a sim-owner, you don't have any control over the texture used on the ground on your land. Get a green lawn or a sandy beach on your land using copyable InkWelle Ground Covers.

InkWelle Lawn Ground Cover
InkWelle Sand Ground Cover

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