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Security Systems

BookBox Organization System

Particle Designer

Audio StreamScanner

InkWelle Dynamic Sign

InkWelle Simple Rental System

Builder's PlumbBob

InkWelle Premium Scripted Products

With InkWelle Scripted Objects, beautiful and useful objects can be yours in Second Life, even if you are battling against a low prim limit. These scripted items for the home rely on custom textures and scripting for their complexity rather than extra prims.

InkWelle BookBox Organization System
This sophisticated scripted tool provides an attractive way to organize your SL possessions without carrying them in your inventory. This helps reduce lag created by bloated inventories; allows a way to back-up your copyable items in the case of grid problems; and allows you to share copyable and transferable items among your group and others. Read more about BookBox.

InkWelle Particle Designer
The InkWelle Particle Designer is a tool that allows you to interactively design a particle system, then output code that you can use in your in-world particle generator. Controlled by clicking buttons or accessing a menu. You don't have to be a scripter to use this product, but you should have an understanding of the basics. Read more about Particle Designer.

InkWelle Audio StreamScanner
Conveniently access your collection of audio streams and organize them in menu-accessible playlists that you can easily scan through to choose one to listen to. You can add custom playlist notecards, or you can easily add streams to existing playlists via chat. Also FREE updates to the default playlists are available periodically at the InkWelle store at the click of a button. Read more about StreamScanner.

InkWelle Dynamic Sign
Advertise your product or service on a sign that people will stop to watch! Read more about the Dynamic Sign.

InkWelle Simple Rental System
Why give someone else a cut of your rental income? If you have a huge number of rentals then a networked system with a web-interface makes sense... but what about the rest of us? This is a simple rental system--make some easy changes to the configuration and put it in your apartment or store for rent. It's that easy. You keep 100% of your proceeds. Read more about the Simple Rental System.

Builders' PlumbBob
This special 1-prim gadget, consisting of a copyable plumb that displays above it the number of prims that you can use to measure the distance between base and end plumbs, with menus to align it with your border. Ensure that your skybox or other floating objects are positioned within your land borders by placing PlumbBobs at the edges of your skybox.

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