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Is there an "eyesore" on your neighbor's land? Tips on how to use InkWelle Screens InkWelle Scenery Screens -- Enjoy the view from your land!

InkWelle's Scenery Screens allow you to enjoy your SL land without having to see what's on your neighbor's land. The screens are modifiable but not copyable or transferable.

One thing that sets InkWelle screens about from other screens in SL is that they are the result of many hours of work by a graphic designer, carefully outlined using an alpha channel so that the trees and mountains on the screens look more realistic and NOT like a billboard.

There are three types of InkWelle Scenery Screens: Tiled, Stacked, and Scripted.

Tiled Screens
These screens are 7 to 10 meters high and are tiled so you can make small 3-panel screen sets, or place them end-to-end to make multiple long screens to border your land. Sold in multi-packs of center and end panels.
See the selection of InkWelle Tiled Screens

Stacked Screens
Very large screens made from carefully stacked 10x10 prims. These screens range from 20 to 40 meters tall and from 40 to 100 meters wide.
See the selection of InkWelle Stacked Screens

Scripted Screens
These screens have scripts that cause the textures to change. Some screens change when you touch them, some use a menu, and some change based on the position of the SL sun.
See the selection of InkWelle Scripted Screens

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