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InkWelle Scripted Screens
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nkWelle's scripted Screens are used like any other scenery screens: to enhance the view on your SL land. But these screens serve specific additional purposes as well.

Wisteria Screen
The Wisteria Screen is 20 meters wide by 10 meters high. Click the screen to change the scene. The image on the screen is of a wisteria-covered window--a clear window or a window with one of four scenes. Other scenes remove the "window" texture and leave a wisteria-covered archway -- for a total of 10 scenes to choose from.

Sky Screen
Use the Sky Screen for those drastic measures. If you have a neighbor with an unusually tall or offensive structure, use the Sky Screen to block the view. For best results, use it in combination with another large screen -- such as the Mountain or Evergreen. The Sky Screen is a single copyable prim that is 20 meters high by 20 meters wide and is covered with a texture of a cloudy blue sky. It is scripted so that as the SL sun moves, the texture changes: by the time it's dark in SL, the Sky Screen will show a starry sky.

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