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InkWelle Security Products

With InkWelle Security Products you can monitor and log who comes to your home or business and keep unwanted guests out -- even when you're not online, and without red "ban" lines.

InkWelle Home Security
Products that let you monitor who comes onto your property and to eject unwanted visitors from your land. Especially useful for homes in areas with "no-ban" covenants.
  • Log visitors within up to 96 meters
  • Optional real-time IM or private chat reporting
  • Easy to command via Chat or Notecard
  • Allow or disallow group control
  • Keep lists of who to omit from logs
InkWelle Home Security
InkWelle Business Security
Business security products allow SL business owners to kepe logs of visitors, track trend information broken down by the hour, and send greetings or even gifts to your visitors.
  • Log visitors within up to 96 meters
  • High-capacity logging
  • Logs IMed to you at your desired intervals
  • Optional timestamp with format control
  • Special reporting on visit trends
  • Send a greeting and gift to your customers
InkWelle Business Security

InkWelle Security Products FAQ

Still need help after reading the FAQ? Please IM Don Jano (in SL) and he will be happy to help you.

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