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Atlanta, May, 2019

In addition to three international trips, my client meetings stay in the United States once or twice each year. These feel less like grand adventures, but still I like to try to go out and actually experience a city and get some photos whenever I can. Or, at least a bit.

I’m no grand adventurer. I rarely stray very far from my hotel, sometimes out of fatigue, sometimes shyness, and sometimes just pure idiot bad planning. A great example of idiot bad planning is my trip to Munich, in which my attempt to “get out there” resulted in me accidentally going to an isolated hotel in Olching, 32 km away, and sitting in a motel for two days. Here’s that story.

This trip was to Atlanta. I’d enjoyed the tiny corner of the city that I’d seen when I was here for an InDesign conference in 2017, so I looked forward to seeing more of it. After a nice flight that began with moody sunrise views of Mt Hood, I had a vague sense of déjà vu when my Uber from the Atlanta airport finally dropped me at the exact same hotel I’d been to before.

Aside from my meetings, I spent a lovely evening having dinner with my nephew, Michael, and other than that did no adventuring at all. Partly this was because my hotel’s Buckhead neighborhood was a solid 30-plus-minute ride from downtown. But the bigger factor was that the extreme early summer heat and humidity kept me indoors within easy reach of air conditioning.

So rather than attempt to tell a story about nothing, I will just present some of the nicer photos from the trip. I mean, why take the photos if not to post them somewhere?