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Divisive politics

In late 2017 I got an email from a Democratic organization venting about the just-passed tax bill that ended with: “We want to give you this anti-Republican bumper sticker!”

I think this is a bad approach. I don’t want to perpetuate the us-and-them bullshit that is US politics right now, and I think things like this bumper sticker would do just that.

I want to think that there are some Republicans out there who are APPALLED at the brainless, heartless shambles that is the Republican party right now. But as long as the Democrats’ message is anti-Republican rather than anti-idiocy, they are only killing any motivation from potential moderate Republicans from defying their party to turn it in a more positive direction.

I am anti-unreasonable, anti-fascist, anti-discriminatory, anti-superstitious, anti-mean, and ANTI-TRUMP… but I want to avoid making such a wide sweeping statement as being anti-Republican.

Rather than fighting with those with different points of view, I want to understand them and negotiate with them, as we all must learn to get along. I guess what this comes down to is: I will continue to be anti-<specific-stuff> but try my best not to be anti-<type-of-person>.