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Everything happens for a reason: NOT

Like many people, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. And that reason is

… so you can use the experience to spark creative ideas.

… so you can deepen your capacity for compassion.

… so you can add to your catalog of experiences.

… so you can appreciate the things you have.

… so you can learn something new.

… possibly nothing at all.

We live in a world that bends to the dictates of physics and happenstance. Everything that happens in your life has only the value that you bring to it. If something happens and you fail to take note of it, then it is meaningless (to you). It is a waste of a potential lesson, or maybe it was simply not worth your notice.

It’s a delusion to think that everything that happens to you is because some spiritual being thought specifically about you and made it happen. This may be a handy way to explain the randomness of life to a child, but holding on to those stories shields you from being able to learn anything from what life throws your way.