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Love Story in a Cup

Every morning, Dave and I go to McDonald’s for breakfast. <Yes I know: “Eww, McDonald’s!” Get over it. We like it!>  Our routine is that I sit at our table with my laptop and start working as Dave gets our food and sodas. <Yes: “Evil giant diet sodas, oh my gawd, all that aspartame!” Get over it, again. We like it>  We then hang out for an hour or so using the wi-fi.

One day as we were getting ready to leave, I looked at our two cups and noticed that the text on mine was green while the text on his was pink.

I pointed at my cup and said, “My cup is prettier than yours.”

“I know,” Dave said. “You always get the green one.”

And that was how I learned that, for all this time, well over a year, Dave had quietly made sure that every morning I would get a cup that has my favorite color on it.