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Walking around in almost every one of us is a wellspring of untapped potential. Some call it inspiration, some call it god — whatever you call it, there exists in us a deep beauty, a spark, that few of us acknowledge, let alone show or attempt to express.

The thing about potential is that it is nearly useless unless you have the luxury of time, motivation, and wherewithal to nurture it and mature into action.

We in the first world of spending a third or more of our time at a job to support our mortgages, car payments, and taxes are living our lives all wrong. With such a large portion of our finite time and energy spent on meetings, budgets, and bills — the potential for greatness in all of us sits and waits. All of that potential is a roiling cistern of subterranean possibility, and all we can do is inhale the mere fumes of its promise as we go about our day.

What we need is the ability to dedicate huge chunks of our time and mental energy on fostering our potential: whether is rooted in art, compassion, math, music, or just pondering the impossible.

What would the world look like today if everyone could do that? What would your own life look like?